About Tam

Tamalpais Aquatic Masters (TAM) ) is a member club (team) of United States Masters Swimming. We are located in San Rafael California. Our program embraces swimmers of all ages and swimming skill levels. We are a small group averaging around 70 members who are mostly Marin County residents, although a few of our swimmers live outside of the area and participate in competitions with our team. TAM was founded in 1973 and is one of the oldest clubs of USMS. We are a close knit group with a number of members who have been with the team since its beginning.

As we are fond of saying, we are all adults and can make our own decisions about why and how we train. Which is to say that our members span all ability levels and while our program is very structured, each swimmer decides how often, how much and how hard to train. Coach Marie offers a yearly workout program dedicated to conditioning and stroke improvement and a number of our team include competition in the mix.

Despite our size, we are a very competitive team. Many members swim at the upper levels of their age groups and TAM has the distinction of being the only USMS team with three members inducted into the International Masters Swimming Hall of Fame. A number of members attend meets and open water swims throughout the year. TAM teams consistently rank among the top finishers at national competitions despite swimming against much larger teams. We are also a very social group with frequent parties, events, gatherings and fast friendships.

United States Masters Swimming (USMS)

USMS is an organized program of swimming for adults. Its mission is to promote health and fitness for adult swimmers through swimming activities ranging from conditioning to international competition. Anyone 18 years of age or older can join.

Members typically join through local clubs like TAM. Clubs offer pool space, coaches, organized practices, social activities and other benefits. Membership in USMS is required to join a club. The benefits of USMS membership include insurance coverage, SWIMMER magazine subscription, participation in sanctioned events and more.


Regions of the country are divided into Local Masters Organizing Committees. TAM falls within the Pacific LMSC which includes Northern California and its 13,000+ members. LMSC’s are responsible for governing their regions including conducting competitions as well as a myriad of administrative and management functions.

Our Coach

Marie McSweeny has been TAM’s coach since its formation. Understanding the needs and motivations of a disparate group is her special skill. From lap swimmers to highly competitive swimmers, Marie is able to respond to the differing motivations that drive our members with encouragement, mentoring and excellent coaching. Marie is an outstanding technician. She originates each day’s workouts and is an on deck presence for all workouts.

Our Facilities

Our pool has been described as ‘funky.’ It is located on the campus of Marin Academy. The college prep school has been host to TAM for over 30 years and despite a pool that is on the smaller size, the relationship we enjoy with MA has meant we have had dedicated pool time that we can count on. While small, the pool is well suited for workouts and has produced some exceptionally talented swimmers. It has nice changing rooms and showers. Finding our pool.


All new swimmers need to contact Coach Marie at 415-453-9563 or email mariemcswim@yahoo.com prior to joining. She will ask you to do the following:
1 – Complete a TAM Membership Form
2 – Include a $25 Initial Registration Fee and one Monthly Dues payment of $75 (individual) or $105 (for couples)
3 – Obtain USMS Registration. Please select “Pacific” under LMSC and “Tamalpais Aquatic Masters” under Club. The 2016 annual fee is $52.00. You will be able to print your USMS card.