About the Swim

We hosted a terrific event for 2016 Speedo USMS 1-Hour ePostal Swim and had a stellar turn-out. Thank you to all who made it possible and for your participation.

The hour swim is the opportunity to see how far you can swim in an hour. Besides giving you a great chance to tune up your distance swimming and get in great shape for the upcoming season, this event gives back to the sport that we all love by making a donation to the USMS Swimming Saves Lives Foundation.

A Sustainable Event that Gives Back

Easy on the environment? Yes, way back before computers the Hour Swim relied on paper and snail mail. People put their split sheets into an envelope and mailed them in. That’s a bunch of mail trucks full of deliveries and who knows how many trees worth of paper. Results were mailed taking more trucks and trees. Medals were also mailed meaning even more truck trips. You get the idea.

While results and entries have been electronic for a few years, we’re taking this a step further. Awards that are weighing down interstate commerce can now be obtained electronically too! If you win an award, you can choose to have us send you a photo in lieu of getting it through the mail. Choose this option and we’ll donate $1 to the USMS Swimming Saves Lives Foundation in recognition of your achievement! If you still want your real medal, Jim, our event co-director, has agreed to take it to post office in his Prius. Note that electronic awards will be delivered well before the snail mail version.

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