Masters Swimming offers competition opportunities throughout the year in the pool, open water and special events.

Pool Competition

Swimming competitions are organized by pool length and season. From January 1st until May 30th competitions are held in 25 yard pools (short course yards – SCY). June 1st through August 31st competitions are in 50 meter pools (long course meters – LCM) and from September 1st through December 31st competitions are in 25 meter pools (short course meters – SCM). Meets include different programs of strokes and distances but through the course of a season one is able to swim most events multiple times. Each event is hosted by a different club at their home pool. Pool meet schedule.

National Competitions

USMS conducts two national competition meets during the year. The SCY meet is held in late April or May and the LCM in August. The championships draw swimmers from all over the country. Each event is in a different part of the country every year. TAM has a contingent of swimmers who like to attend these competitions.

International Competition

Every other year the International Federation of Swimming (FINA) conducts a World Championship competition. Recent championships have been held in Russia, Canada, Italy, Sweden, Australia and the US. TAM swimmers are usual participants in these events.

Open Water

Northern California is graced with phenomenal places to swim in the great outdoors. Lakes, reservoirs, the Bay and the Ocean are all venues for open water swims. Events vary in length from .5 miles to 10k. The open water season extends from May through September. During the open water season look to the Pacific Masters website for events, standings, results and other useful references,

Special Events

In additional to the pool and open water competitions, USMS conducts a variety of postal swims including the Speedo USMS 1-Hour ePostal National Championship and the Jon Steiner Memorial Mile which is hosted by TAM.

Swimming Saves Lives

In 2015 we initiated a local Swimming Saves Lives program where members volunteer to teach adults how to swim. Swimming Save Lives is a special initiative of the USMS, Swimming Saves Lives Foundation. The first session was extremely well received and very successful in converting non-swimmers to a level of comfort in the water. Many of our TAM swimmers truly enjoyed giving back to the community by participating in this rewarding event.